Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What if you started your own home-based business?

Like most of us, you’ve probably always had in the back of your head that you would like to work for yourself. Maybe, like me, you tried some ideas out, but found the product you thought would sell didn’t, cost too much to produce, or took too much time and effort to be profitable.
But what if you found a product to sell that is in demand; replenishes itself; and is, with the proper knowledge, relatively easy to produce? How would that affect your life? Consider this. You could:
  • quit the job you aren’t happy with,
  • receive all the rewards for  your efforts, rather than a set salary or small raises, 
  • set your own hours and work at your own pace, 
  • work from home and spend more time with the family.
In other words, you could be FREE. I feel the worm farming business can be the perfect home based business almost anyone can do and is almost guaranteed to be profitable.
Think about how you could start your own worm farm at home and how that would change your life. All you need is a little specialized knowledge, a little direction, and a little motivation.
This blog will be discussing the worm farm business and all its aspects in the coming entries, so bookmark this site now as your first step to freedom.
Let me know how starting your own business would affect your life. Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Answers to Common Questions About Worm Farming Business

Worm Farming Business Questions

In these difficult economic times, many are looking for a profitable home based business.  Maybe some unexpected expenses have blown the budget. Maybe it's a lost job. Or maybe they just want to work for themselves.

Whatever the reasons, this blog provides a blueprint for a successful worm farm business. Here are a few of the common questions I’ve been asked through the years about raising earthworms for profit:

Question:  Is worm farming a good home based business?

Answer: Yes. Because of the low start up cost and minimal space requirements, worm farming is an excellent home based business.  Most anyone who is a “self-starter” with common sense can become a successful worm farmer.

  • Tip:  Start small with your worm farm business and learn as you go.  You'll save money by taking your time to learn the ropes before risking too much of your hard earned cash.

Question:  Is worm farming hard to do?

Answer:  Worm farming isn’t rocket science.  It doesn’t require a degree.  It doesn’t require a lot of start up money.  It does, however, require a certain amount of work, particularly up front.  But, if you do it right from the start, using the knowledge I will be sharing with you here, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort.

  • Tip:  Look in your area for a worm farmer and “pick his brain”.  Caution:  Many old-timers hold their knowledge close to the vest.  But sometimes you’ll find one willing to share at least a few of his “secrets”.  Or, check back here from time to time. 

Question:  Can I make a good living worm farming?

Answer:  Yes!  Worm farming has always been profitable and recently the market for earthworms for vermicomposting (composting with earthworms) has seen a dramatic increase.  And that’s good news for the worm farmer.

  • Tip:  Diversify.  Grow worms for both  fish bait and vermicomposting.

Question:  Do I need a lot of room to raise worms?

Answer:  No!  You can raise a lot of worms in a small space.  Unlike other kinds of “live stock”,  worms don’t need acres and acres.  Equipped with the necessary knowledge, practically anyone can grow worms commercially.

  • Tip:  Go vertical.  “Worm condos” are a great way to maximize space.

Question:  Does worm farming require lots of money up front?

Answer:  No again.  There are ways to start your worm farm business on a shoe string.  A small number of worms will increase at an amazing rate.  Of course, the more worms you start with, the quicker you can start selling.  But start with whatever amount your budget allows and pretty soon you’ll have worms coming out the wazoo

Question:  Does worm farming take a lot of time?

Answer:  Actually, you can start your worm farm business in your spare time.  When you reach the point where you have a good supply of worms, you can consider if you want to go “full time” or keep it as a part-time business.  An established worm farm business shouldn’t take any more time than a regular job. 

Done the right way, you should spend much less time on a worm farm business than the typical job.  Considering the time you won’t be sitting in traffic on you daily commute, you should have more leisure time than with your current occupation.

  • Tip:  In the beginning, take the hour or two you spend “channel surfing” and get your worm business up and running. 

Check back often for practical tips on starting and running your own worm farm business.  If you have any questions of your own, please post them in the comment section and I'll answer them promptly.

Thanks for stopping by.

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