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Grow Fatter Worms

Grow Fatter Worms

Two Weeks Or Less To Fatter Worms

Would you like to know how to take your mature-but-still-small worms up to big- fat- juicy bait sized worms quickly? Use the following instruction and get your worms fat SAFELY.

I stress SAFELY here, because sometimes beginners try to force worms to fatten by overfeeding large amounts of grain. This over feeding does not work. In fact, it’s a sure fire way to create problems. Overfeeding of grain leads to “acid-poisoning” - a real worm killer.

The following method only increases the girth of your worms. Nothing will increase the length or worms except time and one other method, which we will discuss later. Provide the following worm “feeder lot”, if you will, and get the fattest worms possible, faster.

Prepare Your Worm Fattening Trays

  • Build, borrow or steal new beds that are no more than 6 inches deep. The number of beds and the size of your beds will be determined by the number of mature worms you want to fatten.
  • Fill these worm beds with prepared peat moss.
  • Moisten this bedding much wetter than your growing beds and keep it moist throughout the fattening period.
  • Harvest mature worms from your growing beds
  • Stock your new worm fattening beds at a rate of no more than 400 worms per square foot.
  • Feed the worms immediately to prevent crawling. (Keep a light on over them to prevent crawling at first.)
  • Keep the worm beds in deep shade

Feeding Your Worm Fattening Trays

The best commercial worm feed is FRM Worm and Cricket Feed. Feed this or a worm feed of your choice daily like so:
  • Dampen the top of the worm bed.
  • Apply worm feed over the entire surface of the worm bedding, dampened again.
  • The next day, remove any uneaten feed and repeat (add less if feed is left over, more if it’s all gone).
  • After a day or two, you can feed twice a day.
  • Turn this bedding every 5 days.
Your worms should double in size in a week to ten days. You can then harvest the worms and sell them or, if additional weight is desired, you can put them back into fresh bedding and repeat. Transferring worms more than twice will not yield much more growth.

Cautions About Worm Fattening Trays

  • Never leave the worms in 100% peat moss bedding for more than 14 days without changing out into fresh bedding.
  • Never turn the grain into the bedding. Remove any uneaten grain first.
  • Never feed more grain than the worms can eat in a 24 hour period.

Tip for Getting The Fattest Worms Possible

Add VermaPlex® to the spray bottle you mist your worm beds with and spray your new worm bedding and whenever you add food. The extra microbes facilitates your worm digestion and makes a healthier bed. You will eliminate a whole host of problems that can occur when holding worms in this manner. Since using VermaPlex® in my holding trays as well as growing beds, I’ve gotten the biggest, fattest, healthiest worms ever.

So, there you have it. These worm “feeder lots” will give you the fattest bait worms around and make your bait customers drool.

Worm Growing Secrets

Grow Fatter Worms
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