Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Worm Farming Problems That Affect Success

The single biggest mistake made by worm farmers

How To Worm Farm - a Worm Farming Manual

As we promised in our post on worm farming pitfalls, let's examine in detail the common mistakes and problems of worm farming. These mistakes, if not address,  can affect your profit and put you out of the worm farming business faster than a buzzard on a gut wagon:
  1. Not paying attention to your worms
  2. Over selling your worms
  3. Under selling (not expanding your market)
  4. Expanding too fast
  5. Poor customer service
  6. Poor marketing
  7. Not delegating

Worm Farming Mistake No. 1

Perhaps the biggest, most common, most frequent , most easily avoidable mistake made by the novice and established worm farmer alike is:
Not Paying Attention!
Not paying attention to the worm bedding, it's moisture content and it's condition (i.e. you can make mud pies from your worm bedding.)
Not paying attention to pests (i.e. raccoons are setting up shop near your worm house, ready for a juicy worm feast.)
Not paying attention to the ambient atmosphere of your worm beds (i.e. someone is operating a chain saw, jack hammer, and saw mill 2 feet away from your worm bed.) 
Not paying attention to the worms' health (i.e. worms are packing their bags for a mass worm crawl as soon as it gets dark.) 
Not paying attention to the weather (i.e. there's a F5 tornado with a forecast-ed path directly over your worm farm.)
Not paying attention to EVERYTHING.
 Next..... more worm farming mistakes that affect you business success.

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