Thursday, November 3, 2011

Making Money Raising Earthworms, Part 2

Making Money Raising Earthworms

Other Ways to Make Money With Worm Farming

To recap the markets for your earthworms and worm castings/vermicompost:
  1. Raise earthworms for sport fishing bait.
  2. Raise earthworms for organic gardening (home vermicomposting).
  3. Raise earthworms for organic waste conversion (municipal and large scale vermicomposting).
  4. Raise earthworms for worm castings and potting soil/garden soil amendment.
  5. Raise earthworms for farm soil improvement.
  6. Raise earthworms for reforestation and land reclamation.
  7. Raise earthworms for breeding stock.
  8. Raise earthworms for feed.
We've discussed worm farm markets 1-4, now on to 5.

Raise Earthworms For Farm Soil Improvement

No doubt, every agricultural expert out there agrees the importance of the lowly earthworm to soil building is incalculable.  From the antiquities and up until now, the earthworm's place of importance in the Eco system has been revered. 

The Greek philosopher Aristotle described the worm as "the intestines of the earth" and even Charles Darwin studied the earthworm extensively.  But, as I state earlier, the organic methods of old were discarded and  cheaper and easier to apply chemical fertilizers replaced organic fertilizers.

While bad farming practices  and poor soil stewardship through out the past few decades has depleted the top soil and destroyed countless millions of earthworms,  there is now a new awareness dawning.  And probably just in time to save the planet. 

Many farmers are returning to organic farming practices and not just because of the "green awakening". The market for organic products has exploded in recent years  and there is declining yields using the "slash and burn" soil depleting methods of big- Agri,  Profit incentive is a major force behind "going organic".

Whether your local growers are returning to organic farming and gardening because of concern for the environment or because of the bottom line, your worm farm can profit from the enormous market for your vermicompost and castings. If you live in an area of farming, hay fields, groves, or orchards, visit as many as you need to establish accounts for your soon-to-be tons of vermicompost and castings.

Raise Earthworms For Reforestation and Land Reclamation

The introduction of earthworms and worm egg capsules around trees when replanting has produced excellent results and speeds the land recovery.  If you live in an area with large timber tracts harvest or lumber,  contact the companies or government agencies that reforest them.  You may find a huge market for you worms as well as your vermicompost.

Land that has been strip mined and subjected to other top-soil destroying practices need reclaiming.  Top soil can take decades to replace, leaving the land barren and sterile.  Introduction of earthworms and applications of protective organic matter, such as sewage sludge, decreases this recovery time enormously. 

Are you getting a sense of the vast market for your earthworms and vermicompost/castings? 

Next.... Raising earthworms for breeding stock.  (See Making Money Raising Earthworms, Part 1.)

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