Monday, January 1, 2018

Worm Farm Setup

Worm Farm Setup

So...You Want To Setup A Worm Farm

Happy New Year!  If you're like many folks this time of year, you're looking to make changes in your life for the better.  Maybe you've thought about setting up  a worm farm for extra income or as a career change.

There are different reasons to setup a worm farm:
  • Raise fishing worms for yourself or to sell to bait shops
  • Make worm castings fertilizer for your property or sell to others
  • Vermi-compost your household and organic yard waste for ecology
These are just come of the main reasons people want to raise earthworms.  And your worm farm setup depends on your specific reason or reasons for starting a worm farm.

Worm Farming for Personal Use

If you're starting a worm farm for purely personal use or for ecological reasons, your setup won't need much room, can be simple.  Vermi-composting (composting with worms) household and yard waste can be nothing more elaborate than heaps and bins where ever there's room.

There's no need to purchase those expensive stacking trays, either.  Those ridiculous spigots on the bottom to catch "worm tea" are useless.  If your worm trays are wet enough to produce water out that spigot, your worms are dead, dying, or gone.  Simple opaque rubs with or without lids, appropriate worm bedding, lights overhead, and non-chlorine water does the trick.

Simply chop food stuffs fine, add to the top of the bedding and cover with dampened cardboard, shredded paper, or newspaper and provide an overhead light (to prevent crawling).

Harvest out overcrowded worms and start new bins or give to neighbors or put into your yard or garden.  Or, start new beds if you have enough organic material.

Commercial Worm Farming

Starting a commercial worm farm for profit requires somewhat more planning and setup.  Space required is of course dependent on how large  you want your worm farm business to be.

If you're new to worm farming, I suggest you start small, get the hang of it, then expand your worm beds as your expertise and market increases.

It's surprising how little startup money, space, and time it takes to get a worm farm set up and earning extra income.  In no time (6 months to one year), you can be making a sizable income for you and your family.

Worm farming is one of the easiest home-based business to start, with the least amount of money invested, with the quickest profit return.

However, there is a certain amount of knowledge required in order to save money, time and aggravation - knowledge that you absolutely have to have in order to be successful and earn money.

The Difference Between Success And Failure Is...

The difference between those who fail at worm farming and those that create a successful home based business is specialized knowledge about growing, breeding, and marketing earthworms.

In order to help my worm customers who want to start their own worm farm, I put this specialized knowledge I've acquired through the years into a manual form.  This manual gives them step-by- step procedures in the order that's required as they begin their worm farm business.  

It's  saved me time as well, since I don't have to spend hours on the phone going over instructions and problems!

If you are also considering setting up  your own worm farm, you'll find my worm farm manual a helpful guide to follow.  It's available in a handy download version and also in hard copy format.  Here is more information of what you'll find in the manual.  Or click on the link below to order.

Setting Up A Worm Farm

How to grow earthworms as a home based business
Easy to follow worm farm setup instructions 
I shared my specialized knowledge  on successful worm farming for beginners in an easy to understand manual.  You'll discover:

  • how to set up your  worm farm,
  • what kind of worms beds to use, 
  • worm bedding mixes, and 
  • worm food choices.... well as harvesting and selling worms.

Whether your trying to grow worms for your own use or want to grow enough to sell commercially, this manual gives you the information I wish I'd had when I first started.

You'll find more worm feeding tips and how-to's, as well as all aspects of worm farming, in my "Worm Farm Manual".  Available in both download and hard-copy versions.