Thursday, March 6, 2014

Potentially Harmful Worm Food

This blog is all about providing information to help you grow worms and keep your worms healthy.  In that spirit,  I need to pass along some information about a particular manufacturing byproduct that some have used to feed their earthworms that has turned out to be rather deadly.

Cotton Gin Waste As Worm Food - NOT!

It may be free, but using waste product left over in the processing of cotton as worm food is not a very good idea.  As it turns out, due to the fast array of pesticides and chemicals  used in the growing and processing of cotton, this waste product will most probably kills your worms.

It has been documented that cotton cultivation uses more pesticide than any other crop. And test have shown that the chemicals remain in the cotton trash for over a year. Unless you can find an "organic" cotton source (and there is a demand for organically grown and processed cotton products), avoid feeding cotton gin waste to your worms.

A little reminder:  When introducing a new kind of feed to your worms that you've never used before or don't know anyone who has used it, either DON'T or pull out a small number of worms as a test.  Feed these worms the new feed and observe them for any signs of sickness, crawling, balling up, or death.  This test may have to last for a long period of time before any adverse signs make an appearance. 

It's just not worth the risk of killing or making your worms sick.  When they're dead, they're dead.  Check out one of this blogs pages, "Worm Feeding", for more do's and don'ts.

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