Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Start a Worm Farm Business

Worm Farm Business Plan

Want to start a worm farm business? When writing a detailed business plan, here are some important things that have to be considered:

  • How to set up worm beds,
  • Where to locate the worm beds,
  • How to prepare worm bed bedding,
  • What materials to use for worm bedding,
  • How to feed worms,
  • What kind of food TO feed and NOT feed worms,
  • How to keep worms healthy,
  • How to avoid potential problems BEFORE they happen,
  • What tools and equipment are needed for worm farming,
  • How to market worms.

Where you live and the climate in your area plays an important role in establishing a worm farm business. Temperature, humidity and even noise levels should be taken into consideration when planning your worm farm location and bed types.

Free food is often available. Once you know what foods are good for worms, you can scout out your area for any free food and make arrangements for pickups The savings can be enormous and will increase your profit margin considerably.

Because you are dealing with living creatures, making a careful plan and considering all the above aspects before you start your worm farm business will save you both time and money.

Check back for upcoming blog entries addressing these and many more important aspects of worm farming. If you have any special concerns, please post them in the comments below.

Worm Farming Resources:

Worm Farm Manual: Step By Step Guide To Raising Earthworms
Red Worms:  Raise the premier composting earthworm.
European Nightcrawlers: Grow for fishing and vermicomposting.

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