Friday, December 20, 2013

Selling Your Worms

Is Worm Farming Profitable? Part 5

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Continuing our series on the question: "Can I make money worm farming?" Is worm farming a profitable business?",  next on our Successful Business Basics Check-off List:
  • Spend a whole lot of time on marketing and sales.
Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  But you'd be surprised.  That saying "Build it and they will come"  is a recipe for failure.  You need to get out there and beat a few bushes in the beginning to let folks know what you've got.  You may be the only worm grower in your area or you may be the only one offering the highly desirable European night crawlers, but if nobody knows about you they can't buy your product.  It's as simple as that.

Of course, you need to learn how to grow worms, how to feed them, what is the best bedding, and how to solve problems (better yet, how to keep them from happening), but do not neglect the salesmanship that is necessary for a successful business.

Eventually, you will be turning away business (yes, this is true).  Until that day arrives, work on finding the customers, finding wholesale accounts, and, at the very least, setting up contact and informational websites. Of course, in the beginning, don't take on more customers than you can service, especially large wholesale accounts.  As mentioned before, you don't wont to deplete your worm stock in the early stages of your business.

One approach is to set some customers up for a future date.  Let them know you have worms and when they'll be ready for delivery. Just make sure you have those worms when you say you will.  You can always buy them from another established grower to fill an order.  Always, always, keep your word and get promised orders filled, even if you take a loss.  It's better to lose money on one sale than to lose a customer for good.

So, as your worm stock increases in size, get out there and find customers and replace any lost customers on a continuing basis.  Visit bait shops, put up flyers, hand out cards, get "online", share on FaceBook and other social media.  Get the word out and "they will come".

 Successful Worm Business Resources:

 There are many other marketing and sales tips as well as  how to set up your worm farm, how to grow earthworms,  and troubleshooting tips in my Worm Farm Manual: A Step-By-Step Guide To Raising Earthworms.  Order today and get started growing earthworms.

Other Worm Resources:

European Nightcrawlers:  One tough fishing worm. You could be the exclusive source in your area. Great composting worm, too.

Worm Farm Manual: See what's in it. Just one tip can save you valuable time and money.

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