Monday, June 9, 2014

Where To Build Your Worm Beds

Find out  more about worm beds :  "Worm Farm Manual"

When considering where to locate your worm beds, there are a few things to consider.  Your worm bed location should:

  1. Provide shade
  2. Provide protection from heavy rains
  3. Provide protection from predators
  4. Provide protection from freezing
  5. Provide protection from excessive heat
  6. Have access to water
  7. Be quite
  8. Have electricity available. 
There are several options that  can fulfill these basic requirements:
  • Under a shed
  • Under a tree
  • In a basement
  • In a garage
  • In your den (well, maybe not...)

Option 1, provide shade, can be locating your worm beds under shade trees.  A word of caution on certain trees that can be harmful to worms.  Leaves from citrus, bay pine, fir, oak, cedar, black walnut, sequoia or eucalyptus tress contain aromatic oils, tannic acid, and resinous saps that are harmful to earthworms.  The worms can either grow sick, die, or crawl away.  If you do locate your worm bed under one of these trees, you must keep the leaves out of the bed.

While we're at it, leaves make good worm food.  But you should avoid leaves from the above mentioned trees for obvious reasons.

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Worm Bed How-To's

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