Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Make Fish Like Your Worms

Worm Feeding Question

Time for a worm food question.  Just received an email question this morning, so we might as well post it here in case you're wondering the same thing.

Ken asked if there was a particular food that makes worms taste better to fish.  He also commented that it might be a stupid question.

First of all, as I told Ken, no question is too stupid to ask about worms.  The more you know, the more success you'll have growing worms.

Worm Food For Beautiful Worms

As to his question about a worm food that makes worms taste better, quite frankly, I haven't heard of any. Common sense would dictate that a well fed worm, hence a more nutritious worm, will be more attractive to a fish, since all life forms seek out the most nutritious food they can find.

Given the choice between a sparse meal or a fat juicy, protein packed European night crawler, which do you think a fish goes for first?

One food that many think makes worms, in particular European nightcrawlers, more attractive to fish is rabbit poop.  It turns the crawlers a nice shade of pink and it seems the fish are enticed by the color.

At any rate, rabbit poop is an excellent worm food. Rabbits digest their food with microbes, just like  horses. Worms need microbes  present to digest food, and the more microbes the better.

If you have a source of rabbit droppings, serve it up to your night crawlers for a highly nutritious, color enhancing worm food.


Worm Farming Resources:

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