Sunday, November 9, 2014

Caring For Worms In Winter

Taking Care Of Worms In Cold Weather

There's a serious cold front moving into parts of the country next week.  This is probably a good time to take a break from the "Worm Business Mistakes" series and look at the problem of worm farming in cold weather.

After a long hot summer (which has it's own set of worm care problems), winter is upon us.  Even here in North Central Florida, we've had a couple of cold snaps already.  There's an arctic blast expected up North next week, though it's not coming down this far south (sorry about that.)

Cold weather can be a trying time for the worm farmer.  Worms go dormant, so they aren't breeding, eating or growing as much as they do in warmer temperatures.  Cold weather is also a time of great danger to your worm stock.  Ever hear of a "worm crawl"?

No, it's not the latest creep show down at the Multi-Plex, it's a real life nightmare that can happen for various reasons in the worm farming business.  The trick is to keep it from happening and limit the damage if it does by knowing it's causes and prevention's.

One of the biggest causes of "worm crawl" is a significant drop in temperatures. Worm beds housed in shelters that allow for climate control are protected somewhat from this danger.  However, if your worm house doesn't have a source of heat or the heat goes off, your worms are still vulnerable to "worm crawl".

Worms bedded outside are the most at risk.  There are steps, though,  you can take to prevent worms from crawling because of cold weather.  The secret is understanding why they crawl, when they'll crawl, and what to do if they crawl.

Why Worms Crawl

Although it's absolutely detrimental to their health and well-being, worms are prone to crawl out of their beds when temperatures drop below 60 degrees.  If you've never experienced this "worm nightmare" before, count yourself lucky.  It can be devastating to your worm business.

With knowledge that the ordinary worm grower doesn't generally have, you can avoid this problem and save yourself time, money, and heartache.  That's the purpose of this blog: passing along knowledge the ordinary worm grower isn't privy to providing you immunity to this and other worm farming problems.

Perhaps the best way to explain a "worm crawl" is to tell you the  story of my own "worm crawl nightmare."

Next....My Worm Nightmare

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