Worm Feeding

Worm Feeding Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts of Worm Feeding

One of the most critical aspects of worm farming is feeding your worms.  Equally important is the stuff you DO NOT feed your worms.

Do Not Feed Worms:

  • Meat, 
  • Fish, 
  • Bones, 
  • Corn cobs,
  • Large amounts of pasta,
  • Large pieces of potatoes or bread, 
  • Human Feces, 
  • Kitty litter, 
  • Oily foods.
New Warning: Do Not Feed Cotton Gin Waste (unless it is organically grown and processed).

Acceptable Worm Feed:

  • Horse, cow, rabbit manures (don't use shortly after animals have been de-wormed)
  • All fruits,
  • All vegetables,
  • Coffee grounds, 
  • Coffee filters, 
  • Corn flakes, 
  • Oats, 
  • Pizza crust, 
  • Pancakes, 
  • Eggshells, 
  • Corn meal,
  • Rye meal,
  • Bran/corn cereal, 
  • Organic compost
Some of the Acceptable Worm Feed items should be fed in moderation while other feeds can be fed "all-worms-can-eat". And, some of the feeds actually make your worm bed healthier.  How you apply the feed, when to feed, and how much you feed worms is covered extensively in my Worm Farm Manual (click the link for a detailed description.)

Worm Farming Resources:

Learn how to feed worms in my Worm Farm Manual

Worm Farm Manual: A Step by Step Guide to Raising  Earthworms
Get started worm farming on the right foot.  Avoid costly mistakes and start making money raising earthworms quicker.

Serious about raising worms for fishing, vermicomposting or reselling? Check out my "Worm Farm Manual" for more worm problems and their solutions.  
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