Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vermiculture Products To Sell Continued

Worm Marketing Tips

Examining Products Produced By Vermiculture:Worms

Looks get back to looking at what valuable products you can produce via vermiculture.  

Your worm farm is basically vermiculture on a commercial basis.  And as we discussed previously, there are five sale-able items of value from the business of vermiculture arranged here in most- valuable-first order:
  1. Worm Egg Capsules or Cocoons
  2.  Worms
  3. Worm Castings
  4. Garden Culture
  5. Vermicompost
Last time we examined the most precious product that brings the  highest price: Worm Egg Capsules (cocoons that contain worm eggs).  Next on our list is #2 Worms.  

Worms: Red Worms, European Nightcrawlers And Others

Earthworm production is the most common reason folks start a worm farm.  The earthworms are, of course, the most important component of a worm farm and will be your most sale-able item.  And worms give you all the other valuable products to sell listed above.

Worms are the "vermi" in "vermiculture".  From the Latin worm vermis meaning worm,  they are the machine of your vermiculture business.  So pay them well....with rich, organic food stuffs and manures, just-right moisture, zero light, safety, peace and quite.

When compared to other means of production, earthworms work cheap.  Most of the food stuffs can be found for free or nearly free. The same goes for bedding.  They don't require fancy buildings and office furniture.  Just a nice fluffy, moist bed with low light.  And they don't talk back.

Worm Markets

As we discussed the the posts about earthworm markets, there's a ready demand for worms most anywhere in the country.  Earthworms have real value.  Whether as fish bait, vermicomposting bins, pet food, or soil enhancers, worms are (almost) worth their weight in gold.  That's why the  egg capsules are your most valuable resource: they're the source of your future worms and without them you won't have any worms to sell.

So, which came first, the worm or the worm egg capsule?

Get Started Worm Farming Today

Worm farming start-up costs are surprisingly low and you can do it yourself or with family.  It doesn't require a lot of room.

Most anybody who can take care of gold fish can take care of worms.  And it doesn't require a lot of education.

All that's required is a willingness to work, paying attention to your worms, and a little specialized knowledge. In my Worm Farm Manual, discover:

  • Solutions to problems and ways to avoid them.
  • How to feed worms
  • How to breed worms
  • How to fatten worms
  • How to sell worms
Get started worm farming today.  Order a digital download or  hard-copy now.

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