Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vermiculture Products To Sell

Worm Farming Products

What Products Are Produced From Worm Farming?

You can sell more than just worms in you worm farming business. There are basically five products produced from Vermiculture (the raising of worms) or worm farming. I've arranged them here from highest price to lowest:

  1. Worm Capsules or Cocoons
  2. Worms
  3. Worm Castings
  4. Garden Culture
  5. Vermicompost

Worm Capsules or Cocoons

These capsules or cocoons are excreted by the earthworm and contain worm eggs.  Very precious indeed.  I caution you to hang onto your worm capsules until you have more worms than you know what to do with. They are literally the future of your worm farm.  They grow your business and are what make worm farming "sustainable".

Eventually, if you're good at worm farming, you will begin to have more worm capsules than you need and you can part with them.  But at a price.  I'm talking $200-350 dollars a pound.  At least.

Gardeners can add the cocoons to their garden soil to improve it.  Aspiring worm farmers like yourself can add worm capsules to worm beds and get a jump start on their worm farming business. You can do the same if you can find a worm farmer willing to sell you some.  Don't look at me.

My Worm Farm Manual has detailed instructions on how to harvest worm cocoons from your worm beds.


Worm Farm Manual

Worm farming requires specialized knowledge to be successful.  Avoid expensive mistakes and get your worm farm started right. 

Order a download or hard copy and get going today.


  1. the California red worm eggs in your price (1,2 kg.) What is it? Is there your submissions to Turkey?

  2. I'm sorry, cerenimo35. We don't ship out of country. Thanks for your interest.