Saturday, July 11, 2015

Worm Farming Question About Breeding

Worm Reproduction

It's  Q&A time.  Here's a question I recently received and this is a frequently question:

Q:  Why aren't my worms breeding?

A: There are a few reasons worm can stop making babies.  Examine your worm growing situation and see if any apply to you.

  1. The bedding needs changing.  If the bedding is too concentrated with castings and broken down, the worms will do more than stop breeding.  They'll stop breathing, too.  Or simply start crawling.

    Solution:  Change out your bedding as soon as it needs it.  This timing can vary with how many worms you have in your bed and how much bedding material is in the bed.  A good test is if the bedding is becoming compacted and you have to turn it more often (you are turning your bedding, aren't you?).  The bedding will become fine and dark with castings.
  2. You're not feeding the worms enough.  Worms, like any other living organism, will be stimulated to breed and lay more eggs if there's a plentiful supply of good, nutritious food.

    Solution:  Feed your worms all they can eat. Duh!
  3. You're feeding your worms too much.  Grain.  Too much grain can make your worm bedding go acid and will make your worms sick.  Conversely, though, sometimes when worms get sick they start laying lots of eggs.  Go figure.

    Solution:  Only feed as much grain as your worms can eat in a day and make sure it is finely ground.  Clean off any uneaten grain before turning the bedding or adding more grain.  Feed organic material and manures for safer feeding.
  4. The worms are unhappy.  If it's too noisy, too hot, too cold, too...something, worms will be unhappy and an unhappy worm is not breeding.  They're dying and they're crawling.

    Solution:  Make sure you worm growing environment is conducive to worm breeding and worm happiness.

    A complete guide on how to make your worms happy to breed and grow :

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